Want non-12-step Alcohol Abuse Counseling in Pasadena or the San Gabriel Valley?


Know that AA makes things worse not better?    Get angry when you are lectured by AA ‘old-timers’ that you must admit to being stupid and powerless?  Want to check out scientifically proven 12-step alternatives?      Want to confidentially explore your substance use in a way that never leaves a paper or electronic trail in the insurance or legal system, or at work?   Ever wonder if you are someone who can successfully ‘cut back drinking’?    Want confidential shame free coaching by a certified addiction counselor with a  discreet office that serves Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley?


“I get too anxious in groups, I’m better off one-on-one.”   “What if I can’t stop all at once? — isn’t some improvement better than none?”    “Why can’t I just skip all the holy roller AA dogma and simply start making better choices?”   “Are there prescriptions or over-the-counter supplements I can take to reduce cravings?”  “Can you refer me to an addiction doctor if I need help tapering off alcohol or pills?”

(Pssssst!, spoiler alert: the answer is YES…)


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