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Know that AA makes you feel worse not better?    Want to check out scientifically proven 12-step alternatives?      Get angry when you are lectured by AA ‘old-timers’ that you must admit to being stupid and powerless?  Want to confidentially explore your substance use in a way that never leaves a paper or electronic trail in the insurance or legal system, or at work?   Want  shame free coaching by a certified addiction counselor with a  discreet office that serves Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley?


“I get too anxious in groups, I’m better off one-on-one.”    “Why can’t I just skip all the holier-than-thou AA dogma and simply start making better choices?”    “What if I can’t stop all at once? — isn’t some improvement better than none?”
“Are there prescriptions or over-the-counter supplements I can take to reduce cravings?”  “Can you refer me to an addiction doctor if I need help tapering off alcohol or pills?”

(Pssssst!, spoiler alert: the answer is YES…)


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